The Rancho Bernardo Veterans Memorial Association's "Patriots Walk" offers the opportunity to publicly memorialize your veterans with an engraved granite plaque installed in the sidewalk located around the perimeter of the Veterans Memorial. The intent for these plaques is to honor individual veterans who served honorably in the United States Armed Forces, either in times of peace or conflict.

The general appearance of all the plaques is the same, though each plaque is unique in how it identifies a veteran. In addition to name, dates, and rank, the veteran's branch of service emblem is available for each plaque. The following image depicts current plans concerning the placement of these plaques within the Patriots Walk located around the Veterans Memorial.

Each plaque is available in exchange for a tax deductible donation to the Rancho Bernardo Veterans Memorial Association in the amount of one thousand dollars ($1,000.00).

A Dedication Ceremony, sponsored by the Rancho Bernardo Veterans Memorial Association, will occur each time a group of plaques are installed. The Memorial Association will coordinate with plaque donors in order to ensure an appropriate dedication for their respective plaques.

Please contact an Officer of the Rancho Bernardo Veterans Memorial Association at the following email address in order to obtain a Patriots Walk plaque: